Off We Go

eh! – 2.7 Emancipatory Days
27th – 29th of April 2012
AZ Conni Dresden (R.-Leonhard-Str. 39)

“Mom – women’s libber types are those women who want to seize world domination aren’t they?”

In our days the word “women’s libber” is used as swearword, although emancipation as liberation from dependencies and suppressions to real self-determination is definitely nothing to be berated. This liberation doesn’t work if single persons or groups try it on their own. This liberation only becomes possible if different mechanisms of rule and discrimination are reflected and combated jointly.
The group e*vibes – founded in Dresden in 2011 stands for an emancipatory practise, deals full-time with emancipation especially with sexism as mechanism of rule. In cooperation with “DieSeR – Independent Club” and “squeerdance Dresden” we shout “eh!” from the 27th to the 29th of April 2012.
We are going to start with an insight into the interaction of categories like sex, race and class in capitalism, deal with some identities and standardisation, hear about the fight for physical self-determination in the inter*movement or learn how art can be used as an instrument of self-empowerment. Apart from lectures and workshops, film, concert, theatre and party are waiting for you. In addition, but there will also be enough time for joint discussions and networking. Don’t be afraid – there will be tasty food as well!

Some more: If we can’t dance (without annoying glances or comments) it is not our revolution. We are aware that discrimination as ever-present phenomenon will also appear at “eh!”. We do our very best to create a setting and a space as much protected as possible to make all those who are interested in the theme feeling welcome and safe. For this purpose a safety concept is going to be developed. Something that is very important to us: Our dealing with each other is as much part of the event as the “programme” itself.

Emancipation is a process which takes more than 2.7 days, but this weekend won’t be the last. We call on you “eh!” – Emancipation is not a bed of roses!


eh! The Schedule

Friday the 27th of April

Welcome and Lecture
“one-ism seldom comes singly” Let’s jointly (think and) fight ruling structures.
Friederike Habermann

What does it mean to think of sexism, racism and capitalism as interrelated through identities and to get over the present separation between historical-materialistic, postcolonial and feminist approach?

Kitchen for Everyone (Küfa) / tasty vegan catering
Black Wok

Concerts // Pre- &Aftershow
BadKat // badcat unreleased // rap // Berlin // live

In the nineties BadKat began with rap music, back then in North Carolina. Later she moved to Florida and Georgia. After some shows in europe she stranded in Berlin and a few months ago she performed as wordnerd on Sookee’s current album. Now it has become clear to us: …


Saturday the 28th of April

“(Gender-) identities between self placement and standardisation, between classification and staging”

This workshop will look at identities and standardisations and our own action strategies in the past and present. Therefore we prepared questions you can work with in small groups or on your own. You decide how much and what you want to tell to whom.

Black Wok

“Working on it – conversations*performances*queer electronics”
By Karin Michalski and Sabina Baumann

“Inter* and emancipation. Practices of self-empowerment against medical standardisation practise”
Anja Gregor (FSU Jena, Theoretical sociology; doing her PhD on a biographical research study on Inter*)

Until today many parents of intersex newborns are advised to medical interventions to provide the child with a determinate gender body. Despite a strengthend inter* movement that clearly speaks up against such operations in the genital area and the removal of the gonads, operative standardisation of intersex bodies still proceeds. Which consequences does the diagnosis have for intersex people – infant, teenager or adult? And what kind of resistance has emerged in the german-speaking area since the nineties?
The lecture, intended as an introduction into a political field, focuses on the political commitment against medical manipulation of intersex people. Their struggle for physical autonomy is recapitulated, central demands of the inter*movement are presented in the context of human rights and possible forms of action for solidary non-intersexes are pointed out.
By understanding intersexuality as a social and not as a medical-pathological phenomenon, the lecture places the interests of intersex people at the core: It deals explicitly with the action level of the individuals and their potential to modify social norms, not of the debate on the uncertainty of the gender dichotomy structure.
Afterwards we will have enough space for a joint diskussion.

Black Wok


D.I.Y. In progress – discourse-analytic practices
Sporting exercises as a trashy discourse analysis? Yes, as power structures inscribe themselves on the body and are not just to be dissolved by intellectual reflection.

A single track leads the players through the circuit training of patriarchal continuities: the „advanced culture“ – seeing itself as enlightend and thus as antisexist – meets the „trivial“.
Do It Yourself means to raise awareness for the structural similarity of these fields by physical repetition: performing Emilia Galotti’s death again loudly and pathetically and then reciting the „pledge“ of christian-fundamentalist fathers at the so called „purity ball“.
Practising – and work it off like that! – the repetitive reproduction of ancient gender stereotypes up to the point of exhaustion. Respected journalists’ editorials tell little else than the „funny“ sexism of burgerkings’ „mancademy“. In Muschiballett nothing’s made up, all used texts are standard tellings of our culture. Comically the show unmasks the cynicism of these stories: We provoke laughter, funny and tenderly as we are and relieve even commited mainstream-heterosexists of fear and resentments against „unshaven women’s libbers“.


live:MOLLIN // Wave/Pop // Leipzig //
Three young attractive creative brains have set their minds on discoverimg a kind of music that allows you to float through space and time. As they are, in different ways, grown together with art, theatre an film, their love for electronic sound structures creating dreamy but also emotionally charged spheres unites them – far away from our earthly captivating reality to get lost in the endless expanses of the universe.

Akkro & Makta // Heartbeats/Pop/Bass // Leipzig //
As the members of DieSeR-Independant Club planned their first club event four years ago it quickly became clear that Akkro&Makta would have to play, because no one else made them dance like that then. It is a great pleasure this team still exists and an honour to finally welcome them in Dresden.

L_Sa & kikimike // Riot Grrrls Beat’n’Indie // Beat&Indie // Dresden //
For more than half a year the two women have been calling attention to themselves and expanded Dresdens’ DJ landscape to a terrific team. Is it the sets in very different clubs or the various occasions that they can be delighted about the steadily increasing number of people who find their way to their dance events again and again?


Sunday the 29th of April

Evaluation / Reflection of the Weekend / Networking Opportunities


Safety Concept

Discrimination and the violation of personal boundaries are everyday occurrences in our society. Sexist cat-calling, heteronormative pick-up lines, “only” touching, and the like are just a few examples of such behavior.
This is something we cannot and will not accept. Instead we are trying to create a space that is as safe as possible for everyone here at the eh!. Therefore, we have drawn up a safety concept.

Generally, we ask all of you to be considerate toward each other during the entire weekend and to take responsibility for one another (community accountability). We want everybody to feel welcome and to have the opportunity to express themselves freely without violating someone else’s boundaries. In doing so, only each person can determine individually whether their boundaries were transgressed, and if and how support is necessary. The power of naming lies hereby within the authority of the person who experienced said transgression/ violation. Our most basic principle is partiality with the afflicted person.

We most certainly would like to proclaim the entire event a safe space in which no transgressions or violations are allowed. However, we are aware that this is rather impossible under the current societal circumstances. For this reason, there will be the following three groups and a Safer Space available for you at the eh!.

The awareness team are people whom you can contact directly during the event. This is in regard to all general questions, as well as to situations in which help becomes necessary. They can also direct you to other persons (for example the support group). You can find the awareness-team visibly marked at the information desk, the bar, or the admissions desk.

The support group are there for you, when you feel like your boundaries have been violated and you are in need of help. You determine what this help and support include (whether having a chat, going for a walk, sitting in silence for a while,…)—we will not do anything that you do not want us to. Of course, all information given to us will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

- On principle, we will try to support everyone who is looking for help.
- However, we also need to be aware of our own boundaries.
- Our empathy is limited by our current position in society and by our own level of experience: we are young, Caucasian people holding the German citizenship, who are most acutely aware of and sensitized towards sexism.
- We are no professional therapists or counselors.

The support group is not visibly marked, but you can be put into contact with them through an awareness person. You can also contact a person of the support group using the phone number that is distributed throughout the AZ Conni and can also be found at the bar, the admissions desk, and the information desk. You can also find a mobile phone in the Safer Space with which you can contact support staff at all times. (English speaking supporters are available.)*

The security staff is responsible to react in a preventative and interventionist fashion to cases in which boundaries are violated. As the organizers, the group e*vibes are enabled to exercise property rights. This right can be executed by the security staff if need arises.

Safer Space
The Safer Space serves as a safe space and a room to retreat to. It is located above the Infoladen (Info Shop). You can visit the Safer Space at all times and you can decide if you would like to be alone or whether someone else can have access to the room and what group this person should belong to. This will be made visible via a “traffic signal” located at the door. In the room you can find a cell phone with which you can call a person from the support group or a person of your trust. In case the Safer Space is being used exclusively at the time, you can contact someone at the information desk.


Organizational matters

Please, contact us if you need translation. We try to take care of it.
Deadline: April 16th
Englishtranslation will be available during the whole event. We try to organize the same for (German) Sign Language. Maybe you have any contacts?

Child Care
Please, register for child care until April 16th.

Please, Please register for the presentations. We need the approx. number of participants to see if the premises are large enough.

Just write an email to us (we wont save any personal information)